????????? My red shoes story Tattoo Colour ??????? Smallroom 006

on my way home from school I found her in a showcase


summer evening, the wind was cool caught me her very grace


I made up my mind swore by my teacup


not to eat until my mother gives up for my red shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes


        so I won my red shoes and walked around everywhere


        christmas time I held the firebrand bue hat in mayfair


        big kangaroo in the zoo stopped saying coo


        hate all blues I love snoooze yes I won’t lose for my red shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes


but as is often the case chewing gum and all rainy day ,muddy seashore sorry I was bold


other shoes lookin’so good oh! This fickle boy one day she went away from my shoecase


years have passed now i’m at ease on a limousine seat


wearing a dark brown suit and sunglasses so neat


but once in a while drinking a glass of Pernod


I remember when I ran down on the snow for my red shoes

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