????????? This One ( Crying Like A Child ) UtadaHikaru ??????? This Is The One

How can I put this  I’m an independent woman

I’ve been crying like a child I just wanted you to know the person that I am

More than any other of your fans I will love you for a thousand years Yours truly

I ain’t gonna play it cool Let me tell you I’ve tried that already.

Everyday and every night Your words ring through me

Who am I trying to fool Honey I’ve been living on my own like Freddie

But I’m still a woman Baby tell me how

* How could I ever love another How could you say you don’t remember

God knows I’d give anything For just one more night together

Today I miss you more than ever How could you say you don’t remember

This one’s for the happiness. I’ll be wishing you forever

 It’s just another Friday night For you and your accessory (lights)

 And there you are before my eyes Two hours and for fifteen minutes You are here

 I don’t wanna scream Lest I should tear A whisper in the darkness disappears Sincerely

We should get back on the road Like Simon and Garfunkel Let’s get married

You are all the shelter that I need above me

Who am I trying to fool Honey I got your ringtone on my Blackberry

And I won’t give a damn If only I knew how

( * )

 You got me crying like a child Ain’t no need for me to lie A hundred jpeg files Filling up my hard drive

 You got me crying like a child And the crowd is going wild


 This one This is the one Come on and give it up

( * , * )

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