????????? Wake Alone Hugo

Nothing ventured, nothing gained so the soothsayers  all say I don’t think I believe the word

Gonna let this chance roll by, even though I hate to see you cry

You’re doin’ fine or so I’ve heard

                * I’m wondering why did you go and where you’re at

                Reflections in the window sayin’ I told you so won’t bring you back

                I can’t stand the days I wake alone, I can’t stand the days I wake alone

Gonna fortify my walls, won’t let nothin’ in at all Till the memory of you fades

If you only know how much, I obsess over your touch I guess I’m old school in my ways

( * )

And even though my future’s  fallen through  

And maybe I will never find another one like you

I’d gradly let the world just pass me by Spinning out, stopping time

( * )

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