????????? wait a minute – bie

???? : wait a minute

?????? : bie

????????? :


??????????????? ?????????????????

You didn’t call me, so I was afraid to call you


I thought I’d only be disturbing you

???????????????? ???????????????????????

We’ve only just met, and haven’t had a deep relationship


I’m afraid if I think of you too much, it wouldn’t be a good thing

?????????????? ???????????????

I thought if I didn’t call you, then you wouldn’t call


Every minute is chaotic for me

?????????????????? Surprise ??????????

I cannot believe my eyes, what a surprise!


Your number appeared as the phone rang

* ????????? ???????????

I never dreamed that would happen – I’m so happy


What should I say? I’m so unprepared

??????? ????????

I want to say that I love you, but my hear trembles


Does this mean that you’re thinking of me too?

** Wait a Minute ??????? ??????? ???????????????

Wait a Minute. Just one moment, one moment. I really want to pick up

????????????????? ?????? ??????????????

Give me a moment, just a little bit, little bit. I’m thinking about what to say

Wait a Minute ?????? ?????? ?????????????????

Wait a Minute. Just one moment, one moment. Don’t hang up yet

?????????????? I love you love you ???????????

I will hurry up and say, “I love you”. Love you for calling me

??????????????? ?????????????????

No matter how busy I am, I want you to know that I’m always willing


I’ll clear up everything if you call

??????????????? ????????????????

I’m ready to call you everyday and profess my love to you three times daily


I won’t let you wait for me alone


I Love You

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