????????? You Golf Mike ??????? Get Ready

What do you see ??????????????????? Do you see forever


Everything ????????????? Does it make you feel good. ??????????????


    * And I wonder ????????????????????? Baby does your heart cry out the way mine does for you girl.


     ????????????????????? ?????????????????? I try not to but I just can’t stop thinking.


         ** It’s only you coz no one else will do. ??????????????? You ??????????????????????????


         Oh baby you no matter what I do My love is you. ???????????????????


We used to be ????????????????? Girl come back to my door


Everytime ?????????????? Baby please forgive me ????????????


( * , ** )


Coz girl it’s hard to sing without you. You are my song You are my song.


If I had the chance to make things right. I’ll make it so you stay coz baby


( ** , ** )

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