????????? the long road – silly fools

???? : the long road

?????? : silly fools

????????? :

The Long Road

Lyrics: Benjamin Jung Tuffnell

Melody: Benjamin Jung Tuffnell / Thewarit Srisuk

Music: Thewarit Srisuk

Arranged by: Silly Fools

It was the long time … i was at a crossroads

Trying to discover … the road of life

You were the right one … we stayed up all night long …

Talking about whatever … came to mind

* When the lights go out

When the sun hits the horizon

When i’m lonely like tonight

I think of you and wonder why

** It’s such a long road … Twisting turning back home …

It’s taking me forever … to get to you

When I make it back home … wonder if you’ll be gone …

Gone like all the other … who came and went


It is the right time now … I’m on the right road now

i’ll make it home somehow ,i’ll make it back to you

Coming back for you

Standing at the crossroads

Still young but i feel old

It’s taken me forever …. To get here


To get back to you …

To get back To you …

It’s taking me forever

To get back to you

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