????????? Time Will Find A way Instinct

Have you ever seen the place so far away I asked you under the starlight 

From that day We’ve walked on to reach our dream We’ll shared it all from now on

I know that I might lose you That’s price I play Holding you tight in the candlelight 

Whatever I say seems to sound so false  I just look In your eyes 

We might have day of day on the times We might have nights without stars 

If we can hold on to hope believing day after day  We’ll be together in the end 


     * Time will find away Oh Oh Oh Wipe the night away Make way for bright sunlight 

     I will never know Oh Oh Oh How to future looks what wait for us I won’t go away 


?????????????????????????? ????????????  ?????????????????????????? 

??????????????????????????????  ???????  ?????????  

????????????????????  ???????  ????????????????????  ????????????????????????????  ????????????? 



I will think of you Thick and thin I just hoping To be the one for you 

I know you feel it too So much we shared Now it’s tough for us But we’ll be together in the end


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