????????? Is She Me ????????????????? ??????? Romantic Comedy

I look around along the line to see the rainbow in bangkok sky.


I see her smile rising up from the street.


I changed my name to play her game and passed my thought onto the rain.


Don’t know how to grab hers mind with a speech.


                * Who Who can she be? And can she see me? Is Is she me (Is she me)


Walking underneath the sky train, searching for the shadow of her pain


that she’s lost before her youth passed away.


I sing her story in my song don’t need no one to sing along,


cause it’s just too late for yesterday.


( * )


So what is love and what is hate, no more time for this debate.


I just need my own dictionary. My words are gone to say goodbye.


Her consciousness is making me high. I found my intellectual virginity.


( * )


Is she me Is she me Is she me Is she mexajax_getDefault();

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