????????? together forever – bigbang

???? : together forever

?????? : bigbang

????????? :


Lyrics by Big Bang & Perry

Produced & Arranged by Big Bang & Jun Seung Wu

[Verse 1]

Baby girl you’re all

That I’m thinking of

You put this feelin inside of me

It says you are the one

Yeah, the only one

I couldn’t help myself but put it in words

You are the sunshine in my life, girl

And you know, I’d say it over again

Nothin could ever tear us apart

Lemme tell you babe


All of my life I’ve been searchin for that one

And now that you’ve come to me I don’t have to run

Chasin’ all the girls while I’m hangin’ with my crew

Now it’s all about just me and my boo

Everyday ‘n everynight it just goes on

That’s how much love I have for you girl I’m so sprung

Baby this was meant to be, it’s such a blessin’

Cuz we will be together, forever

[Verse 2]

As I look above

Thankful for your love

Two thirty you will be callin’ me

When I pick you up

We’ll go to the park

Ain’t nothin better than being with you girl

You are the sunshine in my life girl

And you know, I’d say it over again

Nothin could ever tear us apart

Let me tell you babe



Bein’ inside of you is so heaven in my heart

The way you say my name I know you feel the same girl you are my one

And the only one

That’s why you’re my baby

And this is what I have to say…


Yo, listen

I love you down in every way

It doesn’t matter baby everyday

From the bottom to the top have it’cho way

It’s all about the way you feel baby

Wanna make it like extacy

To where you’re sayin’ my name softly

And we can take it down south baby

Any freakin’ route as long as you and I can be as one, hey

You know I do it all for you you’re my boo that’s true wanna let the world know you’re my baby

Got a lotta love comin’ from above and I thank him everyday, it’s the T-O-P

I don’t wanna be without your love

Through the push ‘n shove you’re all I ever wanna be thinkin’ of


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