????????? To Be With You Mr.Big ??????? Lean In To It

Hold on little girl

Show me what he’s doone to you

Stand up little girl

A broken heart can’t be that bad

When it’s through, it’s through 

Fate will twist the both of you 

So come on baby come on over 

Let me be the one to show you


I’m the one who wants to be with you

Deep inside I hope you feel it too

Waited on a line of greens and blues

Just to be the next to be with you


Build up your confidence

So you can be on top for once

wake up who cares about 

Little boys that talk too much

I seen it all go down 

Your game of love was all rained out

So come on baby, come on over

Let me be the one to hold you




Why be alone when we can be together baby

You can make my life worthwhile

And I can make you start to smile


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